Eyes for sale.

21 Jan


As some might say, I sold out for free stuff. Welcome to the recession!

I am happily participating in what I call the other side.

As an entry-level communications professional, learning much about social media and about pitching to bloggers, I was happy to be on the receiving end of a pitch to have a better idea what it all really means!

As for my title, nobody is selling eyes, only mascara, which can make it look like you have new eyes!beautytubes_packshot_brush1

I was offered a chance to sample the L’Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara which, if you know me well, is quite appropriate as I have ridiculously long lashes and put a lot of stock in my mascara. Growing up as a dancer, and having done some modeling, I’ve worn my share of makeup!

I like how it goes on, and I am refining my technique as the days go by. It also fares well through a full day of work, and also a nap.

Oh, and this mascara is AWESOME to remove. I’m notoriously bad about taking my mascara off with eye makeup remover and usually just do it in the shower, which means I come out with black zombie eyes! This stuff is certainly the easiest to remove of any mascaras I have previously used and I don’t have to fear terrifying small children. [Or my boyfriend’s usual reaction, yelling “WHOA! FRIGHT NIGHT!”]

I haven’t much else to say other than watch my video. [please] I think it is more representative of my experience! I tried the mascara for the first time in front of the camera so that I could share my genuine reaction.

I’d like to get some girlfriends to try it and put some pics up to supplement this. We’ll see…

Did you read this article? What are your thoughts on L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara? Let us know!

click here to read the follow-up


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