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Organizational disorganization.

19 Feb
warning: this is a rant.

I don’t pretend to be the most organized person on the planet. The techniques I use have developed over the years as a result of wasted time and energy and an overall dislike for inefficiency. I’m often impatient, and that quality helped me become a more detail-oriented, organized individual.

Perhaps it was my education in English or my studies in communications that further perpetuated this attitude, but the daily redundancies in email communications in the “corporate” world have begun to drive me bananas.

At the start of my “working life,” I heard our president lament about the frequent misuse (abuse) of the “reply all” function.

Today I joined the choir.

I volunteer with a group that shall remain nameless. At the start, after not replying all to an email, I was told that as a part of their team, I am expected to use the reply all function. I told my friend (also the ED) I thought this was absolute foolishness and that I would only use it as needed but, alas, I did as I was told.

Today my blackberry was having seizures from the number of reply alls I got – and I thought that perhaps, at the tender age of 23, I may go into cardiac arrest out of sheer frustration.

It was blatanly obvious that these ‘team members’ were NOT reading these messages, as we attempted to coordinate a conference call and meeting.

It would just make so much more sense if we just gave our information to ONE person, who would then coordinate the detals accordingly and fill us all in at the end.

Perhaps I will get my way if I volunteer my time to such a task?

With today’s technology, this really shouldn’t be a task at all. I remember reading (somewhere) about a great program that coordinates these sorts of details.

Alternatively: how about something straightforward like a Google doc? Simple. Effective. Accessible. Awesome.

This time last year, when I was not a gmail user and still had a strong aversion to blogs, I might have raised some questions. But, I’ve seen the light and will never waste my time again.

I know there are others out there who share my frustration. I’d love to hear your tales of organizational disorganization – whatever that beast may be.


a money-saving follow-up

2 Feb

Still using the L’Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara I reviewed in Eyes for Sale. Still love how it washes off. Still like how it looks.

For those of you interested in trying it, you can sign up online and enter the code “11DY” to get a $5 off coupon. I agreed with Eden Spodek (on her blog,  Bargainista) that they would have been better off giving a printable coupon. It certainly kills any impulse shopping to have to sign up for something and wait. Also, may people are weary of singing up for things for fear of spam. I don’t know what strings come attached to this coupon.

Also, I liked that Eden waited to review the product. While I wanted to give my initial reaction to it, I will add to this follow up as I near one month of use and report on its consistency.

I too do not miss the racoon eyes. Still the #1 sell point for me – ease of removal. I am lazy at removing make up, but I actually take the minute or two to take this off.

Just water. Couldn’t be any easier.