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30 Apr

My not blogging is my epic fail of the month.


That’s a good idea.

I should tell a story about my epic fail of the month each month! It will guarentee I write something!


Really, not that epic afterall.


the return…

8 Jan

Back to life.

I tried to write this Monday but it disappeared. This will surely not be as cool as I originally thought.

(Or maybe it will be?)

Moving on…

I’ve never been big on the New Year’s resolution.

As my friend Taylor Barr puts it:

“I think I am not alone in saying that many of us make excuses to change things about our way of living or to instill in us, an activity that makes us happier or more comfortable with who we are.”   – The Immaculate Ball Drop & Resolutions

I think I approach the new year similarly to the way I approach Mondays.

New Year: It’s a new year! This is a great chance to make it better than last year!
Monday: It’s a new week! This is a great chance to make it better than last week!

Besides, I think resolutions are better made on Sundays. You have a chance to break it down to realistic pieces! AND if it doesn’t work out, the next Sunday is just a week away!

If you botch the new year’s resolution, you’ve got to firstly realize that it is a fail and then wait until December to start brainstorming the next one!
(Let’s be honest: who really has time in December with all the goings on!)

The holiday season is not the time to feel down about failing at last year’s resolution (it’s bad enough you’re eating coma-inducing turkey) and, well, if you hoped to lose weight, checking in Dec. 31 will likely not bode well – especially if you have a large family (by choice, divorce or a disbelief in the value of contraceptives) and are on your third, fourth or, heaven forbid, some other numbered turkey dinner!

If asked, I’m probably going to reuse my 2007 resolution. Progressive living for 2007 will become Progressive living for 2009

Meaning: When presented with a choice, pick the one that is the most progressive – even if it is more difficult. Do this as often as possible.

ex: Exercise or sit in front of the TV

Exercise is 9/10 times the more progressive choice.
(UNLESS you chose exercise the day before, overdid it and pulled a muscle making TV the more progressive choice!)

Choice: write more or get up from my desk and stretch my legs?

hmmmmm tough choice ………