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Blog-aversion: the story.

21 May

My university house mate was an Ivey School of Business student who taught me a lot about myself, my living style and the basics of finance.

Although I was working at “the bank,” I was an English language and literature major with little to no interest in finance and the only ventures interesting me were ad+ventures.

Perhaps it was the studies in literature and the glorious elitism of university that formed my blog aversion but the only thing I am sure about is that I a) hate the word blog and b) must now do it to pass a course in online PR.

“Risk aversion is a concept in economics, finance, and psychology related to the behaviour of consumers and investors under uncertainty. Risk aversion is the reluctance of a person to accept a bargain with an uncertain payoff rather than another bargain with a more certain, but possibly lower, expected payoff.” — Thank you Wikipedia.

Blog aversion is a concept in communications, related to my feelings about bleeding hearts on the internet. Blog aversion is the reluctance of a person to participate in the volatile, unknown digital world of free-flowing dialogue in lieu of a nightly paper journal that nobody reads until you are dead (and then steals your ideas).

I’m getting over it.