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24 Dec

Perhaps it could be done before – I never noticed – but now I can input old posts and set their dates accordingly!

This is simply marvelous.

Old posts to follow…or, rather, to precede.


Presence…not presents!

23 Dec

Tomorrow is Christmas eve.

Economic downturn…slow economy…blah blah blah.

Look in your storage room and tell me you need more stuff — what would you like for Christmas?

* * *

This year will be different from the last. (like the movie, but three Christmases, not four)

I have not bought one present: not because I don’t want to give (I’m no Grinch) but because, well, we all voted “no” presents this year.

We all agreed: Presence instead of presents. What a wonderful way to spend the holidays.

I realized that by not participating in the shopping frenzy, I hardly remembered it was Christmas time at all. As a child, Christmas is made into the one day of the year you can ask for whatever you want and you may get it. This is when you start to learn to accumulate crap – crap you spend the next 12 months arranging and rearranging. This time spend arranging and rearranging would be better spent with the same family and friends who gave you the crap in the first place. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the generosity and the good intentions!)

Yet, here I sit, on December 23 thinking I’m missing something.

I think I’ll get what I’m missing when I share hugs, laughs and memories with the people I love.
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Walking on a dream…

10 Dec

There is something hypnotic about the music behind the curious vocals in Australia’s Bee Gees-esque band Empire of the Sun. Their song, Walking on a Dream, is a new obsession of mine, thanks to my good friend Dixon.

I love music that makes you feel and makes you want to move and, for me, this is it. AND thanks to the privacy of my headphones, I managed to listen to it over a dozen times without making anyone in the office, on the subway or on the street come to hate it (like songs on the radio for overplay)

Unfortunately, Steve was not so lucky. I like my music loud. At home, it is all about the speakers.

Maybe I need to buy him some earplugs?

Here friends, spare the Google search and look below! (Thank you, internet, for making sharing easy!)

Empire of the Sun, “Walking On A Dream” from Benjamin Technology on Vimeo.

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