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Two and sometimes three and sometimes more …

30 Oct

… would be the best way to describe my work life over the past two months.

I have two, sometimes three, and sometimes more jobs.

To say I am working too hard would be an understatement, but the return on my efforts is still invisible.

That is the thing about making a time investment in your career – returns are not always tangible. It is the sort of investment that is only visible when you come across a task for which you are the better trained employee. It shows a return when you come upon a crisis and you’re the one equipped to handle it. It shows gains when you apply for a new position and you have something to market that sets you apart.

I am a communications intern at a wonderful not for profit. I do promotional work for an event marketing team. I model. I do freelance communications and design work.

Sleepy cat!!

I do not sleep enough. I do not party enough. I do not clean enough.

And I do my best to spend enough time with my very attention-needy cat, Nico.

But I dare not complain.

Paying your dues happens, most often, in your 20s because you still have gusto and energy that have not been tainted by cynicism.

Truth be told, I am enjoying it.

Yes, I complain about being tired and broke! All I hope is that my work ethic will yield great returns, even if the market continues to tank.

As long as I don't crash and burn before I've proven myself!

Starting over…

10 Oct

When you are starting out in the world, full of enthusiasm and hopes and dreams, it is easy to do things all wrong!

Not that there is a right or wrong way to blog.

I wanted to start my own website and house all my content in one place because I thought it would make things easier, but really blogging is, in my opinion, best when it is accessible from anywhere.

I don’t like to have to wait to get my thoughts out because I usually forget what I wanted to say by the time I get home.

I could just put it on paper but let’s be honest here, I’m not going to type it up later.

Instead, I found I made things more difficult for myself and then the frustration of trying to figure it all out made me stop all together. I’m too much of a perfectionist to not have things “just so.”

I am starting over.

We’ll see how it goes.