I’ve lost it.

7 Jun

I no longer have an aversion to blogs.

Still hate the word, but I’m over it.

For now, you can find me writing at my new blog, 16th & South. I want to give another platform a try, but I’ll keep this active as an archive, until I decide what I want to do.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at 16th & South!



19 May

Do you ever feel like you need a hard reset?

Call it quarter life crisis, call it stress, call it whatever you want. I need a hard reset.

I have been restless and anxious and lost and frustrated while I tried to “find my way” over the past year. It has been a year full of highs and lows, and a lot of learning. [There have been some exciting moments too.]

Moving, just over a month ago, gave me a new energy, and a subtle spark of motivation. I want to give my head a shake and get back into my groove. I feel like I keep spinning my tires.

I need some traction.

SO I’m going to post this now, because I have several blog posts saved as drafts that I just never bothered to post, and use this as a chance to start myself blogging. I have to write more consistently and start again doing the things I love doing most…

…and to let go of those few negative things that have been holding me back.

It’s nerve wracking…



30 Apr

My not blogging is my epic fail of the month.


That’s a good idea.

I should tell a story about my epic fail of the month each month! It will guarentee I write something!


Really, not that epic afterall.

“Hello!” from the Capital city!

31 Mar

“Hello!” from the Capital city!, originally uploaded by kkryski.

So I have a few minutes to breathe!

I’m listen to Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People (à la Big Shiny Tunes 2) and lying on my extra comfortable king sized bed in a beautiful castle in downtown Ottawa (Fairmont Château Laurier).

I’m lucky to be here but nervously awaiting the purpose of my trip: the CWC 2009 Annual Awards Gala.

I didn’t win an award.

I work at CWC and have spent the last few weeks working on one of the most challenging projects of my (not-so-long) career.

This project is also why I have been on a sort of internet hiatus, as I had brought my home computer to the office to work on this project.

My manager and I were given the honour of creating “videos” to welcome eight of the nine award winners to the stage.

We had little to work with and, with this being the inaugural year of the CWC Excellence in Leadership award, we had few guidlines and no real idea where we were going.

Our award winners are amazing individuals who have accomplished great things in their careers. I’m excited to be blessed with the chance to meet them.

So my nervousness comes from my hope that the rabbit we pulled out of the hat in this project I thought of as a sort of Mission Impossible will do our winners justice. We did our best, as communicators and story tellers, to do right by them and to share a short snippet of their awesomeness – something that could never be summed up in a 45 second clip.

My sincerest congratulations to Excellence in Leadership winners Nyla Ahmad, Rochelle Grayson, Lesley McFarlane, Robin Mcintyre, Annie Ménard, Margot Micallef and Susan Wood; Employer of the Year Xerox Canada Ltd. and Woman of the Year Susanne Boyce!!

Biographical information.

10 Mar

Biographical information., originally uploaded by kkryski.

Just some descripter words.

However, they missed “conflicting duality.” Obviously the maker of this mug has never been shopping with a Gemini on a budget.

My cat thinks he is a human.

10 Mar

My cat thinks he is a human., originally uploaded by kkryski.

I wake up and am scrambling to get myself together and get out the door. I come back in to grab my purse and there is my darling Nico, asleep in my bed.

Not sure how he managed to tuck himself in so well!?

School Obsessed

4 Mar

I’ve only officially been done school (again) for about four months.

Sometimes, I want to go back. Not because I am a glutton for poverty and being at the bottom of the career chain. I just have an insatiable thirst and enthusiasm for learning.

I know that much of this learning could be done on my own but I love the classroom setting. I love engaging in conversation about my newfound interests and knowledge with people who share a passion and understanding for those same things.

If I am given the chance to go back, these are the things I would like to study:

  • Software development
  • More Languages
  • Graphic Design
  • Web stuff (not sure what, exactly, but some kind of coding for sure)
  • Sociology
  • Business (Perhaps an MBA?)

Right now I have real life to attend.